Honoring Someone Special

For a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or tribute, Wendy & Rik can create a show about and uniquely for the person or persons you wish to honor.

They will spend time interviewing and collecting pertinent information about the honoree(s) and use this to tailor their performance.

The highlight of the show is an original lyric that conveys warmth and humor crafted just for the event. Not only will those being honored feel even more special, but the experience will leave a fantastic memory for all!




See What Everyone is Saying About Wendy and Rik!…

You are incredibly talented, adorable and the audience loved you! Your banter is so funny! — Michelle S., Beverly Hills, CA

Our group was captivated by Wendy’s presence and voice along with Rik’s great singing and musicality. What a dynamic team! — Karen O., Skokie, IL

Our attendees haven’t stopped talking about how great the entertainment was at our benefit dinner. Thank you for making the night truly memorable. — William H., Los Angeles, CA

It was fabulous, and everyone loved your choices of music — John L., Boca Raton, FL

Their performance is reminiscent of the styling and energy of the greatest male/female duos like Louis Prima and Keely Smith or Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, with a touch of Broadway musical theatre and dance flair thrown in.

It’s not often that you get to use the words talented, entertaining, funny, and totally engaging in the same description, but Rik and Wendy have all that and more in their musical reviews.

Our organization thought the whole show was amazing, and they loved that there were so many different kinds of music throughout. — Patricia K., Milwaukee, WI

If you’re looking for a total package of energy and live musical entertainment, you’ll find the best of the best in Rik and Wendy. — Mike R., Palos Verdes, CA

You brought the party to life! — Danielle T., Brentwood, CA

The kibbitzing and dynamic between them leading up to the music gives their show its character and makes it funny as well....truly a work of art. — Sandy R., Tarzana, CA

Everyone has been thanking me for hiring you to entertain at our annual dinner. You made the night a success! — Carol G., Century City, CA

Our audience was full of people of all ages and it was amazing how you really entertained everyone. — Jeff A., Asbury Park, NJ

I just had the pleasure of seeing "Wendy and Rik" perform. They were marvelous. — Kenneth G., New York, NY

Wendy's dance numbers were so much fun and entertaining and... Rik sounds like each performer whose music he sings. You two are so very cute together (and individually) which leaves the audience with warm feelings. Thanks for the great show!!!

You were the spark of our evening. Thank you for making our anniversary celebration even more special and memorable. — Ralph S., Newport Beach, CA

You have a unique ability to keep everyone excited and entertained. That is quite a feat as we have people of all ages attending, from small children to senior citizens. — Renee O., Pacific Palisades, CA

Thanks for such a great show. You were both terrific, and everyone loved you. — Arthur C., Encino, CA

Wonderful! It felt like we were at a Las Vegas Show! — Felix W., Los Angeles, CA

You are so talented and you were such a pleasure to work with. — Jeremy F., Boynton Beach, FL